Here are all of our sizing options and style options. You can submit 100% custom measurements for any suit style, or have a look at our most frequently ordered sizing options below.

Note: Moulded cups are exactly the same dimensions as a Standard Triangle Top and our Full-Style Cups will be identical to your bra fit. We can create any degree of padding you desire. This is measured in bra sizes, so your cup will be filled with either +1 or +2 sizes for a boost. A natural chested ‘A’ cup athlete therefore will most likely order a small top with +1, or medium cup with +1/+2 if a boost is required. Sizing and fit is so important so please do not hesitate to ask us a question.


The top size you choose is a personal preference. For a more conservative look, we offer wider style triangular cup shapes. For enhanced chests, we also have the option of narrow triangular cup shapes. All of our cups have pockets sewn in so you can add as much or as little padding/ push up as desired. We recommend using a tape measure on yourself and compare it to the dimensions listed below to see how the cups will fit on your body. Bare in mind, the material we use is ‘4 way stretch’ and so will often stretch. Our most frequently ordered size is medium.


  • Natural chest size A/B
  • Implant size B/C


  • Natural chest size A/B/C
  • Implant D/DD (conservative)
  • Implant DDD (revealing)

Medium Thin

  • Implant D/DD (more revealing)
  • Not recommended for natural chested athletes/DD+


  • Natural D-DDD
  • Implant DDD+


We offer different bikini division back cuts. Read the details and sizings for the specifics on each cut. Bare in mind every athlete has different glute proportions and sizes. All bottoms come with a full elasticated/scrunched butt. We also welcome a completely custom cut. We can modify your bottoms as much or as little as you require, make any additional notes at the order checkout. If unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact by phone or email and we can advise you from images and your federation specifics.


  • This style is most suited to a very petite/ lean competitor in a pro league or similar. The minimal coverage creates a frame for full, round and chiselled glutes.

25% Coverage

  • This suit has an additional 1″ on either glute. This is our most popular  coverage to display  the roundness of the glutes. The additional fabric can be moulded to create the best possible shaping – NPC/ IFBB/ WBFF

50% Coverage

  • This offers a more conservative look if your federation specifies more coverage. The additional fabric and elasticated edges can be manoeuvred to create a ‘skimpier’ look if required. Recommended for first timers – UKBFF/ IFBB/ WBFF


  • To ensure you meet your federation’s requirements, submit your own desired measurements and we will make you bikini exactly to fit your glutes shape/ distribution. We need 3 measurements, the top, mid glute and crotch panel width.


When you place your order, we require 4 specific measurements so we can guarantee the best possible fit with your bikini. Please see below for the specific placements and how to obtain these measurements. Don’t worry too much about these however as all bikinis are made with the highest quality 4-way stretch fabrics which stretch to fit and cling in all the right places. Tip: if you have a standard bikini, play around with different widths to get your desired measurements.

Crotch Measurement

  • Stand with a tape measure pulled taught along your crotch from the highest point of your bikini at the back to the required highest front point.

Waist Measurement

  • This is the measurement of your suits positioning on your hips. Bikinis can be worn to sit anywhere on your hips, high or low. The tape-measure should guide along the top outline of where your bikini will sit to obtain this measurment.

Hip Measurment

  • This is the widest point on your hips/glutes. We need this measurement to ensure your bikini will fit snug whilst being able to be put on/taken off comfortably.

Bra Band Measurement

  • Measure your band. Wear a lightly lined (non-push-up) bra so your breasts are as close to natural as possible. Wrap a measuring tape directly under your breasts. Make sure it’s directly parallel with the bottom of the bra band.


We offer different bikini front ‘scoops’. Read the details and sizings for the specifics on each cut. We require anadditional measurment from the highest point on the back of your glutes to the highest desired point on your front. To measure this we recommend using a tape measure between your crotch.

Low Scoop

  • Suits a shorter torso, the lower rise offers an elongated appearance of the abdominal region. Recommended for very lean athletes. Check your federation specifics before ordering this scoop.


  • This is our most frequently ordered style. Offers a modest, classy look. Suitable for all federations.

High Rise

  • For a more conservative look. Ideal for competitors want to disguise C-Section scarring or want to create the illusion of a higher hip bone.

V Scoop

  • Suited more to certain federations in the European leagues in particular. The V Taper creates the illusion of  a narrower waist as well as elongated legs with a higher hip bone.

5. Alternative style options

Whilst we specialise in triangle bikinis, we love to work on other style options with you and create your bikini of dreams for any federation. We offer full cups, moulded triangular cups, as well as a range of bottom styles and shapes. For these designs, get in contact and we will turn your dream bikini into a reality. See our popular alternative style options below.

Fixed Triangle Top

  • This is exactly the same as our triangle bikini sizes/ shape. This bikini however has a reinforced shell/cup to provide maximum support and fullness.

Full Cup

  • This is a full bra-cup style top. This will match your real bra size when ordering.

Full Cup (+2 Sizes)

  • This is a full bra-cup style top. We will take your bra fitting, however we will stuff the bra with up to 2 sizes of foam padding which will give the illusion of a bigger, fuller chest.

Russian V Bottoms

  • Suited more to certain federations, in particular European leagues. The V Taper creates the illusion of  a narrower waist and elongated legs. No connectors.