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It’s all about glutes: How to train for a bikini competition

The skinny rebellion is here! Healthier, rounder and curvier is the goal. Thigh gaps and pancake behinds? No thanks. Whether it’s a sustainable figure or show stopping physique, it’s all about building the glutes nowadays.

The posterior chain (the back of the body), is neglected in most training programs and it’s no lie that strong athletes all have something in common: strength in the back of the body! Sprinters have strong explosive glutes and hamstrings, Powerlifters have strong and stable glutes and hamstrings, and body builders? You guessed it! Strong and lean glutes and hamstrings.

When it comes to the bikini division, It’s amazing how much variation is apparent the second competitors turn to the rear. Other muscles emerge as the bikini athlete leans up and loses body fat, however this is not the case for the glutes. And this glute development and shape is often what sets the competitors apart; a clean cut ranking for the judges in the comparison round from pancake to round, asthetic developed glutes. It’s no myth that bikini is won or lost from the rear.

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