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A day in the life of a bikini competitor

A day in the life of a bikini competitor

Bodybuilding is a choice and bodybuilding is a privilege. With this in mind, i will describe a day in the life of a bikini competitor – for me – the incredible process whereby every daily choice points you in one direction – one goal – one outcome: be your absolute best.

By no means is this sport for everyone, in fact very few can withstand the amount of dedication and commitment that is really required. It’s difficult and testing at times, but in my opinion it is an absolute pleasure and joy of a sport to participate in. Every day you grow – physically and mentally. Every day counts – Every day brings about it’s little rewards.

Now it’s no joke being a competitive athlete. I admire every single competitor regardless of where they are in their career as it isn’t just a case of losing a few pounds to look good in a bikini. It’s chiselling every single muscle optimally – Conditioning every single body part maximally – It’s standing on that stage knowing you couldn’t have put another drop of sweat into looking any better.

A typical day goes like this:


05:30 Alarm goes off

05:35 (I Pressed Snooze) I make my bed, every day without fail! I believe this sets the tone for every day. A made bed, a ready and organised head!

05:40 I get changed, kit of-course! There isn’t a single day that i don’t step into a pair of leggings at some point!

05:45 I walk to the gym

06:00 I commence my fasted cardio. I say ‘fasted’ i actually have the protein from my first meal before I go as just mentally, it helps me push the intensity slightly more than if it was actually ‘fasted’. Duration varies from 20-60 mins depending on where I am in prep for a show.

7:00 I return home quickly – hungry!

7:30 I prepare Meal 1 – usually protein + veggies + dark choc (fat) Not forgetting coffee number 1 – black with sweetener as I have a ridiculously sweet tooth!

8:00 I am sat down at my desk to start work (I work for myself) I take my vitamins now as they are on my desk as a reminder (Omegas + multivitamin)

10:00 I take a 30 minute break – prepare meal 2 – protein + veggies + a carb source

10:30 I return to work

12:30 I prepare meal 3 – protein, veggies, carb source (you’re sensing the fairly repetitive-ness of my day now- food every few hours to optimise digestion and top up protein regularly)

3:00 Meal 4 a.k.a pre workout meal – usually oats and protein

4:00 I head to the gym for my weights session. (Intra workout carbs in my bottle + bcaa) I am currently training a split of lower-upper-lower-rest. I train for 45 minutes, making the most of every single rep, every single set. Sometimes I have additional cardio to do in the session also, this depends on where I am in prep and how I am looking at a given time.

5:30 I am usually home by this point where I prepare my favourite meal of the day – post workout always consists of high gi carbs so it’s often cereal with a protein shake for milk.

5:45 I often return to work for a few hours/ sometimes finish my day here and relax in front of a movie or documentary – (i like my documentaries)

7:00 I prepare and eat my last meal of the day. Carbs + veggies + protein source.

7:30 I am already in bed to ensure I get adequate sleep and rest to repair my muscles. I will often finish up on tv or do some reading now. I find reading before sleep makes me feel tired quickly and I fall asleep more efficiently.

And that’s it! A typical day looks like this. And i guess the sad thing? Most every day of prep looks the same: the same routine, the same meal timings, the same training times, the same time my alarm clock goes off, the same food, the same supplements. But I wouldn’t change a thing. It may be samey, but I am organised and motivated and I get a large amount of satisfaction from fitting so much in my days – work and training. I have rest days too – often taking part in activities such as walks, day trips or just complete rest days in front of netflix.

The beauty of the daily process is my trust in the process- I love the outcome, I love the daily rewards, I love the lifestyle, I love pushing myself, I love the motivation it gives me and the end goal in my mind. A day in the life of a competitor is repetitive and demanding, but fulfilling and I have grown to love the feeling of complete exhaustion – I wouldn’t change a thing!


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